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With almost 100 products created thus far, we truly believe there is something for each and every one of you!

Whether you enjoy heading out on your adventures with our Explorer range, watching your little ones concocting a delicious dish inspired by our popular Mud Kitchen recipe cards or adding some fun learning aspects to your play; we have you covered.

Browse some of our best-selling collections below


Our Mud Kitchen Recipe cards are inspired by nature and the changes of each season. 

Encouraging children to independently follow a recipe and ignite their imaginations.

summer MK.jpeg
LEAVES explorer.jpeg


This range was created whilst out on walks with our children and their flashcards. After lots of occasions with muddy fingerprints, dropping the cards on the floor and of course, the uncertainty of the great British weather - we decided to give the packs a premium, splash-proof finish. The keyring was also added, which is handy for keeping sets together and perfect sized for those small hands.

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