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This pack is great for creating some fun bookish play/small world set ups etc..
It's also a great pack for encouraging story mapping and sequencing.

Why not head out on your very own bear hunt and see what you stumble across?! 

bear hunt 2.jpeg


On the farm explorer packs are a must have for your farmyard adventures.


Our double sided cards allow you to find so many more animals and items to on your trip around the farm.


What can you spot?


Are you looking for more ways to encourage mindfulness? 
New techniques to help regulate your little ones emotions?

Ways to encourage more physical activity in their everyday lives?

Then our yoga poses could be just what you're searching for!
With 20 different yoga poses you can have fun together whilst improve posture, flexibility and strength.

Click to pre order your pack now!



Have you ever been foraging? Why not make your woodland walks a little more exciting by identifying some edible fruits and plants? Nettles can make a lovely soup, or add pretty violets to decorate your spring cakes and buns? Yum!


Please always forage sustainably and responsibly, making sure you always stay safe and within the law.


Does your little one love exploring wildlife and animals? Then they will love our 13 double sided animal's and their homes/habitats.


Play a guessing game... who lives in this home? Or where do you think the 'rabbit' lives? Etc.

animal homes 1.jpeg
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