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ADVENT - it's Christmasssss - well, very nearly!!

It's almost Christmas, and what better way to get excited than planning your advent?!

No no, I don't mean those ones filled with little chocolate delights that I'm sure we all had as children - heading to school bragging you got a penguin and not a stocking, again!!

Or maybe you would sneakily eat your siblings chocolate, and instantly come to regret it once you heard those words, "Maaaaaammmm! She's eaten my chocolate again!" Oooops..

Those traditions are great too - we have a fabric reusable calendar that we add chocolates to, even as adults!!

However, this year we wanted something different, something that would bring our families together.

After a year of extremely hard times, especially on our mental health. We needed to create a new tradition - and so our advent activity cards were born, hurray!!

Many of them are very simple as we don't want to overcomplicate them when December can be a stressful month for many.. but we just love the idea of adding a few of ours to our calendar - and guess what!? You can reuse them every single year!!

'Build a snowman?' ...

"Pffft, but we don't know if it will snow!"

Well then create a playdough one, maybe build one using cloud dough, ice, marshmallows... even stacking stones!

Painting and crafting a snowman is always fun and a way to let off some creative steam.

You could even bake snowmen, use foam or even whipped cream and have some messy fun!

...the possibilities really are endless!!

Maybe you planned to go for a drive or a walk and see the lights... check out this awesome small world play!! So easy to recreate..

Simply add houses, lights, a road, people/cars and maybe even an element of sensory play to it - we chose some polystyrene we had left over from a parcel and sprinkled it over to create a 'snowy effect'.

Advent activity cards - £10
Pack of 28.

Lasts a lifetime, and will create a lifetime of memories for you and your loved ones each year.

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