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Christmas Pudding

During the cold winter months some birds migrate to find warmer climates, however many garden birds stay put, and will encounter food shortages. To help keep our birds fed, healthy and happy; why not create your own homemade bird feeder?

They are super easy to make and a great activity to occupy the children - plus, if you hang them up in your garden you may even be lucky enough to spot some of these birds feasting on your delicious creations!!

Firstly grab some twine/string and attach it to the pinecone with a knot. Create a loop big enough to hang from your desired area.

Pop your bird seed, raisins and peanut butter into a bowl/tray and apply generously to each pine cone.

You can dip them in the bowl/tray to coat and then add more using a spoon, or even fingers!! (We do not recommend eating bird food, so be sure to supervise small children and ensure their hands are clean after this activity!!)

Top with suet/lard to help fatten the birds up during the winter months, and decorate with berries to give it a festive finish. The suet will squash straight into the pinecone and create a 'Christmas pudding effect'.

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