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Christmas Tree


Why do we offer our children playdough? What are the benefits?

Here are a handful of reasons why you should offer playdough to your children..

  • Develops fine motor skills

  • Promotes play time - the most fun way to learn!

  • Encourages creativity

  • Enhances hand-eye coordination

  • Strengthens muscles needed for writing skills etc

  • Calming activity - can help to relieve stress and anxiety for some children

  • Improves social skills

Playdough can be bought in many different colours, scents and even themes... but sometimes we just don't have the colour we require for an activity, so what do we do?

...we make some, of course!!!

Christmas tree playdough is just one of many things you can create - the possibilities really are endless with this amazing sensory dough...

Grab your ingredients - this recipe is very simple and we find it produces great homemade dough... just alter the colour, if required. Feeling adventurous? ...then why not add some scented extract/spices - get creative!!

Playdough ready...

Then let's get creating!

Send us your playdough Christmas trees - and let's inspire each other! 🎄

We used a polystyrene cone, covered with playdough and voilà! Then sit back and allow the children to decorate it.

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