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January - the craziness of going live LIVE!

Wow.. January has definitely been a crazy, stressful month - and yet you guys have made it all so worthwhile!!! We are bowled over by all of your support, and we wouldn't be where we are now without you all.

So thank you to each and every single one of you for every like, share and purchase.


This month has seen the release of our 'Garden birds' flashcards. This range consists of 16 birds, and we were so excited to release this ahead of The Big Garden Birdwatch.

Are you taking part?

We have got our cards ready and cannot wait to enjoy some time with nature next weekend. Our little ones are bird mad and it's great to get outside and explore when we don't have an awful lot more to look forward to right now (ie. Lockdown 3)

We had fun recycling cardboard and creating some homemade bird feeders.

Have you ever made them?

We simply added peanut butter to the cardboard and sprinkled bird seed, then punched holes and threaded ribbon/twine.

All ready to hang them outside and get ready for some bird spotting!


Here's more inspiration from some of our wonderful customers...

Have a wonderful weekend guys!

Happy birdwatching!! #biggardenbirdwatch 🐦

Sarah & Jenna xx

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Well done. You should be so proud. It is a little treasure your website.

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