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Explorer - Foraging with kids

At Playful Little Readers we have accumulated quite the collection of Explorer cards. Which one is your favourite? It all began with our 'Foraging with kids' pack. I'm sure the majority of us have been foraging at some point in our lives; whether it's hand picking juicy ripe strawberries or searching the brambles for blackberries - usually resulting in prickled, black stained hands/fingers.

The foraging cards have not only been a hit with you guys, but they have added another element into our home lives too. Our children have enjoyed foraging - and thus far we have attempted elderflower cordial, blackberry and apple crumble... we also picked buckets full of strawberries - so sweet and juicy, they never lasted long enough to attempt some jam!!! (maybe next year, eh!?)

One of the joys of creating your own products has to be seeing others enjoying them.

Let us share a few photos with you. Please keep tagging us, as it really does make our day!

How awesome does this Damson jam look? Customer photos like this make us feel so proud of our creations.

Thanks to @Melanie.Feltham, who tagged us in these amazing photos. They picked 145 damsons and then created a damson/plum spiced preserve. With so many mathematical opportunities; from counting, weighing and working out the sugar ratio required.

Awesome work guys!!

Earlier in the year, Kal @Sensoryplaymyway created these delicious biscuits using foraged dandelions. We have shared the recipe below...

Dandelion & Lemon Biscuits


20 dandelion heads

1 medium egg

Zest of 1 lemon

1 tbsp lemon juice

100g golden sugar

125g salted butter

200g self raising flour



(Pre-heat oven 180/gas mark 4)

1. Soak dandelions and remove petals, allow to dry out for 30mins or so.

2. Cream together the softened butter and sugar until light.

3. Add Zest.

4. In a jug, mix the beat the egg and lemon juice until combined.

5. Add to the butter mixture and beat until combined.

6. Add about a quarter of the flour and stir, continue until you've added all the flour.

7. Stir in the dendelion petals.

8. Scoop and splodge 6-8 biscuits onto a greased baking tray, pat down each splodge a little.

7. Bake for 12-15min until golden around the edges.

(We adapted a recipe from

Are you going to give these a try? Or how about this...

How fab is this dandelion cordial by the lovely @The_little_orange_house?

Check out the recipe she used below...

Dandelion cordial

For those asking for the dandelion cordial recipe, this can be adjusted to individual tastes and preferences...

2 cups of freshly picked dandelions

1 cup of sugar (we use brown)

3 cups of water

1 lemon sliced

1 large Orange sliced

Mint, lime and ice for serving!

We still have some foraging explorer packs left in stock, and with autumn fast approaching there will be plenty of delicious treats to be foraged - including blackberries and hazelnuts!

Grab a pack now, whilst stocks last!

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