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Gingerbread House

STEM - What is STEM?.





You may be surprised to learn that STEM is everywhere; for example, baking. Measuring cups, weighing ingredients, adding, subtracting, watching and predicting changes that may occur when we add/mix/bake etc.

The STEM activity we chose will hopefully encourage children to get creative and experiment with different ways and methods to build their gingerbread house.

Extend this activity by predicting the strength of each structure, how much it can hold, which resource is best for your building and so much more!!

First decide what resources you would like to offer; cocktail sticks/matchsticks.dried spaghetti? Add a bowl of marshmallows, and any beads you may want to use to decorate (more suited to older, more patient children!)

Start creating (or snacking, haha!)

Don't just stop at a gingerbread house - send us any other Christmas inspired creations. Yes, we accept adults structures too, ha ha! ;)

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