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Snowmen are very popular with children - and who doesn't love a good science experiment!?

Enjoy creating and decorating some festive snowmen, and then watch them melt!

You can prepare these the night before, pop them in the freezer and that way they will take a little longer to melt!!

Maybe create a batch of frozen and unfrozen snowmen - and have fun predicting which will melt first; how long they will take to melt etc.

You could also create your bicarbonate soda people using a plastic cup as a mould. Drop the eyes and nose in the base of the cup and then fill it up with the bicarbonate soda and glitter mixture. Freeze and remove when ready to play!

Or you can simply gave fun moulding them with your hands! ⛄

Accessorise your little snow people using goggly eyes, felt carrot nose etc.

When you are finally ready to melt your baking soda creations - add vinegar using pipettes/beakers/spoons. Watch them appear to melt away!

The Science behind it..

A chemical reaction occurs between the vinegar and the baking soda. This reaction causes a new substance to be produced; carbon dioxide gas. This creates all the bubbling and fizzing!

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