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Snowy November box

Firstly, hey guys!! Welcome to our page - we have no experience with blogs and websites so please be kind.. ;)

...Secondly, how is it already November!?? This is our third Playful Little Readers box, and we had so much fun researching and sourcing loose parts, creating this delightful snow box.

If you missed out on our Play Box then here it is in all it's wintry glory ;)

Not only did we have lots of fun creating this Play box, but our children also had THE best time testing it out for us.

We just had to make a snowman using our loose parts - we simply added playdough (albeit not very white, i know!!)

The mini wooden sledge was hugely popular too, and we had many rides.. usually the loose part Grapat trees were the passengers.. ha ha!

I bet you wish you'd got one after seeing this little fella, don't you?! Actually, they weren't around very long to be honest. We only make around 10 boxes per month and so if you want one - you will have to be quick!

'Whats that?', I hear you say ...
'What does it contain?' ...

This box is crammed full of snowy/winter themed goodies, flash cards, snow scene, book and wooden Lanka Kade snowman to name but a few ...

See below for full contents list.... we also added a chocolate snowman treat for the grown up - unless of course, your hungry little one (i mean, are they ever actually full!?) sniffed it out first and demolished it, leaving behind not a single trace of evidence that it ever existed...

Bet ya don't want to miss out on the next one do ya? ;)

Anyway, we hope this little insight into our November box will keep you keen to see more monthly boxes....

Happy November!

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