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Digital - Body Playmat

Our body mats are inspired by our body systems pack.


Teach your little ones the amazing things our bodies can do. How do we breathe? Why don't we fall over? Where does food go? Can you tell me where your heart is? All of this and so much more is certain to spark their curious little minds.


Perhaps your looking for a different direction of play? Maybe you could dress them up? What would you wear in the sunshine? It's snowing outside, how should we dress?


Due to the nature of downloads, we do not accept refunds. However, we are happy to help resolve any download issues. 

Print as many copies as you like for your own personal use, but please refrain from sharing the file with others and allowing them to print copies. This allows us to keep our download costs low.  Instead, direct them to our website and let them download for themselves :)

You may not resell these files in their original format or otherwise, using our art and designs without additional licensing. Please contact us if you have any queries on this.

Digital - Body Playmat

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