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Oh I wish it could be Christmas everdaaaay!

Can you tell we absolutely LOVE everything Christmas here at Playful Little Readers?

Have you stumbled upon our Christmas loose part boxes yet? If not then i think you need to head over and check them out before they too go out of stock!! ;)

This box is 3 year old Lydia's absolute favourite thus far. She has already spent many hours playing with and exploring every loose part.


I just LOVE how they named their Elf, Twinkle.

Last year Jenna created this super sweet activity for Harrison, do you like it?

Little pegs are a GREAT addition for strengthening their little hands and finger muscles.

"I have to say it was so worth it as Harrison LOVED this play set up!! He worked really hard searching for and pegging up Twinkles clothes and excitedly showed him them all up on the line."

Use our flashcards to group the outfits. Which one belongs to Santa, and which belongs to the Elf.

Maybe add them to an Xmas Eve box - get the children to find them or sort them out ahead of their big night...

Lydia loves to sort these out, i bet your little one would too!


Decorating the Christmas tree - team our loose part box with some of your Advent Activity cards. We used some decorations we had accumulated, plus some of our loose parts from the box and decorated the tree on our printed scene.

You could also choose to use play dough - we will definitely be doing that too.. will you?


Another advent card we teamed with the loose parts box was..

"Magic painting cards"

Each box has one of these cards for your little ones to watch magically transform into a bright, colourful card for a friend or loved one.

Simply add water and a paintbrush and let them have fun exploring and guessing which colours will appear next.

The Christmas Play Box is only £17 + £1 postage!

Get one before they are gone!!

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